Lara scarf

100 inc. Vat

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Polymorphic accessory in knitted viscose that can be worn as a skirt, a top or a scarf.

Composition : VIS43%-PES29%-PL28%



La Vaca Loca brand was born, inspired and materialised under pure Attica light. A light that is powerful, clear and ideal for bringing out the best of all creations. This is the secret that enlightens the whole manufacturing process.

The collections of La Vaca Loca are where the West and East meet. The abstraction, the minimalism, the geometry of the Far East, the natural dyes and the earthly expression of the Mediterranean, combined with the bold colors and patterns from Africa, embellished fabrics, pleats, gutters and binders, all together from an ever lasting modern world.

The almost fetishistic relationship with textures of fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, along with the excitement every time technology of synthetic fabric presents a new discovery, constitute the raw materials for the creations of La Vaca Loca.



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